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MSNBC Names Forks as a Top Vacation Spot for Book Lovers

Here’s an article on Forks, WA found at

MSNBC named Forks as a top place for book lovers to visit. They also named locations that coincide with the Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Eat Pray Love, and the Girl With a Dragon Tattoo series.

“Ever since Bella fell for Edward — and readers fell for the vampire-themed series by Stephenie Meyer — visitors in the tens of thousands have flocked to Forks, Wash. A good starting point for “Twilight” tourists is the Forks Chamber of Commerce. Visitors can get maps, brochures and other information about “Twilight” destinations, including Forks City Police Department, where Bella’s father works; Forks Outfitters, where Bella works; and Forks High School, where Bella first meets Edward. At the chamber, visitors can also have their photo taken with Bella’s truck and see a lighted gazebo like the one Bella and Edward danced in at the prom. “We love being the center of the ‘Twilight world,’ ” said the chamber’s director, Marcia Bingham. “We have a well-trained staff that speaks fluent ‘Twilight.’ ” Two tourism companies, Dazzled by Twilight and Team Forks, also offer guided tours of Twilight-related sights in the region.”

Check out the whole list on MSNBC

Portrait Magazines Top 10 Movie Kisses (Fan voted.) Guess who came in at#1?

Here’s an article on Twilight, found at

That’s right Bella Swan & Edward Cullen from Twilight!

“#1. Bella Swan & Edward Cullen (Twilight)

With a staggering 77% of your votes, the Twilight kiss came out as being the Top Movie kiss. I have a feeling this one will continue to be on the top lists of romantic movie moments for a very long time. After all, what better love is there then the love from an eternal (stud) vampire? Millions of people couldn’t wait to see how Bella and Edward’s first kiss from the series of books would turn out on the big screen and it’s oblivious to see, most of you were very happy with it. MTV Movie Awards 2009 crowned the movie scene as the best kiss with millions of you guys voting. So, let’s see what all the fuss was about…”

You can read the rest of the list here.

Eclipse Dvd Commentary with Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart!!

20 Fun Facts about Taylor Lautner

Here’s an article on Taylor Lautner, found at

1. A Star is Born

Taylor was born February 11, 1992, in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

2. Karate Kid

Lautner has studied karate since he was a boy and competed in multiple world championships. He was number one in the world at NASKA’s Black Belt Open Forms, Musical Weapons, Traditional Weapons and Traditional Forms in 2003.

3. ‘Twilight’ Foodie

Lautner’s favorite foods include Chinese and Mexican cuisine.

4. Favorite Things

Some of Taylor’s favorites things include the color, baby blue, and cake batter ice cream.

5. Puppy Love

Lautner is a proud owner of a Maltese pooch named Roxy.

6. On the Dance Floor

The “New Moon” hunk also loves to dance — he made his own YouTube music video for the song “Apologize,” and participates in the dance groups L.A. Hip Kids and Hot Shots.

7. Music Man

Taylor appeared in the music video “Caught Up in You” for singer Cassi Thomson.

8. Sharkboy

Taylor got his big break in 2005, when he nabbed the part of Sharkboy in “The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl 3-D.” He also starred in the flick “Cheaper by the Dozen 2,” before returning to the big screen in “Twilight.”

9. Black is Back

Lautner gained thirty pounds to reprise his role as Jacob Black in “New Moon.”

10. Taylor’s Teams

A sports fan, Taylor cheers on the Michigan Wolverines — so fitting — and the Texas Longhorns.

11. License to Drive

The 18-year-old Taylor just recently got his driver’s license.

12. Disney Romance

While filming “New Moon” in Vancouver, Taylor was linked to Disney star Selena Gomez after the twosome were spotted out together multiple times.

13. Rekindling the Flame

Taylor is rumored to be dating his on-again/off-again girlfriend, Sara Hicks.

14. Favorite Line

Taylor’s favorite Jacob Black quote is “Does my being half-naked bother you?”

15. Bad Habits

Taylor has the habit of bouncing his knee non-stop.

16. ‘SNL’ Youngster

Taylor Lautner is one of the 10 youngest people to ever host Saturday Night Live, hosting it on December 12, 2009 at age 17.

17. Big Spender

Taylor Lautner’s first large purchase was a Mac Powerbook.

18. Fave Sports

Taylor’s favorite sports to play are football and baseball.

19. ESPN Fan

Taylor’s favorite TV channel is ESPN.

20. Black Belt

Taylor has a black belt in karate.

Entertainer of the Year 2010: ‘Twilight Saga’ at No. 2!

Here’s an article on the Twilight Saga, found at

Ah, the ultimate love triangle between vampire, werewolf and human! “The Twilight Saga” cast flies in at No. 2 on “Extra’s” Entertainer of the Year list.

Stephenie Meyer‘s bestselling novels — about a girl named Bella Swan who falls in love with vampire Edward Cullen, while also forging a close friendship with werewolf Jacob Black — made the tween set (and their mothers) swoon, launching a literary phenomenon in 2005 on a par with “Harry Potter.”

And then came the films. When the first “Twilight” movie was released in 2008, young stars Kristen Stewart (“Bella”) and Robert Pattinson (“Edward”) were catapulted into teen idol-dom, with hunky Taylor Lautner (“Jacob”) following their path in “The Twilight Saga: New Moon” in 2009.

This past summer, the third film, “Eclipse,” opened to huge numbers, grossing over $300 million domestically. The highly anticipated fourth book, “Breaking Dawn,” will now be made into two movies, to be released in 2011 and 2012.

Breaking Dawn Filming News: Mackenzie Foy To Appear In Breaking Dawn Part 1?

Here’s an article on Mackenzie Foy, aka Renesmee, found at

Breaking Dawn Mackenzie Breaking Dawn Filming News: Mackenzie Foy To Appear In Breaking Dawn Part 1? breaking dawn

Over at, they’ve sent a tweetout that we’ll get to see Mackenzie Foy (aka Renesmee) in a flash-forward scene in Breaking Dawn Part 1.

Big news on Breaking Dawn part I & II – Renesmee

It’s been confirmed that we won’t have to wait till 2012 to see Mackenzie Foy on the big screen.  She’ll also appear in Breaking Dawn part I in a tiny flashback scene.
Her face will be CGI’d and transferred onto another baby, little girl, teen, and finally a woman to show her growing up really fast. It’ll be a quick scene, and maybe you never realize it’s Mackenzie, but we’ll finally get to see Renesmee!

Also, in Breaking Dawn part II Mackenzie will play a 6 years old girl.  Mackenzie is 10 years old now, so Breaking Dawn director (Bill Condon) will work with similar digital effects to the ones used in “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”. This means we’ll get to see Mackenzie playing a 6 years old Renesmee throughout the whole movie.


Breaking Dawn Filming News: More Script Talk! *Spoilers*

Here’s some spoilers on Breaking Dawn, found at

Breaking Dawn BreakingDawn Book Cover 280x423 Breaking Dawn Filming News: More Script Talk! bella swan

Over at Robsten Dreams, they have a very interesting report about the filming details of Breaking Dawn.  They have a source, Nona, who has given them details as to when Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart actually left Brazil,  where the actual sex scenes will be filmed and script details.


Well for many days now I have tweeting about the fact that we have some rather large news to share with our followers. I was so excited that I was actually doing a little fangirl happy dance!! I couldn’t believe the information that I was receiving!  We are so lucky that we can now officially announce that we have been in connection with a “source” that is confirmed.  She is definitely connected to Breaking Dawn but in what way we will not be releasing.  For our sakes she is called Nona in Nola.  So when ever she feels like sharing some information she will sooo…… with that being said here is our little tidbits that have been shared with me over the past week.  I have been so excited to share this information with you all.  Please feel free to comment but if it is hateful or mean than we prefer you just don’t participate really.  Nona is doing this because she as well is a fan of Robsten and loves the fandom as well.  Please check any hate at the door because it is not welcome here! We are excited about our new relationship with Nona and Welcome her with open arms!

RUMOR VS FACT The night that supposedly Rob and Kristen spent the night on Isle Esme was incorrect.  Rob and Kristen were in fact the first ones off the island but the weather got very bad like 70 mph winds and there for everyone else including Stephenie Meyer got stuck on Isle Esme and the crew and all were forced to sleep wherever they could.  The crew was very unhappy that they had no alcohol.  Haha!! I would be too!

Nona has confirmed that Rob and Kristen have not officially filmed any sex scenes in Rio! I am kind of glad too with that creepy guy filming BTS without Summit being aware.  All those scenes will be filmed in studio in Baton Rouge.  Hmmm….Well Ladies all the fun is about to begin and has already began!!

In fact in soundstage 2 at Celtic Media Center is where the interior Isle Esme set, including the honeymoon bed, bathroom with the most gorgeous bathtub in the center of the room that you’ve ever seen, and patio lounge area.(BATH TUB OH YES I LOVE THIS!)

The honeymoon bed is a 4-poster bed and it stands in the middle of the room. You will actually get to see the sheets being shredded, pillows torn apart, and headboard ripped into pieces which I’m sure the fans are going to love! Ummm YES WE WILL LOVE!!

Also confirmed by Nona is Rob and Kristen are together all of the time!  Nona has never seen them with out each other!!! I know!! I LOVE IT!! They are also staying together in their own place (Of course no one knows and it should stay that way.) while filming is in production.  There has not been a lot of interaction with Robsten at this point but stated that Kristen is absolutely more beautiful in person than on film and is super tiny, and in fact most of the main cast is sooo beautiful and looks even more gorgeous with out any make up on like Kristen and Ashley.
Lastly I asked about the Lainey Gossip rumor yesterday and yes the imprinting piece is true but much more detailed.  As for the fight, that’s different than that what Lainey described. The entire wolf pack come to fight Edward, Jasper and Alice to get inside to kill “the thing”. Edward was able to read their thoughts before they got there to see their intentions. While this is happening, Jacob is inside with Renesmee.  The Cullens are about to lose the fight when Carlisle, Esme, and Emmet join the fight too. Then Jacob sees from the window what is going on outside and goes out, staying in human form. He yells at the pack to stop attacking. And he says that if they kill her (Renesmee), they kill him. Sam in wolf form snarls and knocks Jacob over, causing him to phase. Once he’s phased, Edward translates Jacob’s thoughts to everyone. He says that Jacob has imprinted, and because of that, no one can kill the baby because no one can kill someone who has been imprinted on. Then the wolves retreat. They cannot disobey this law of their world.
Lastly all rumors about Fairy Dust Cakes doing the cake for the wedding are just that. They are rumors and are not true.
I do have more information to release but will wait for another day!! As I get more information I will post.  I hope you all love this as much as I did. I can’t wait to share more as it progresses!!

What are your thoughts?


Updates on My Twi Cast Page!

I have added a variety of more cast photos on my twi cast blogpage, on the cast photos page. Here are few of them:

To find the rest you can click on the icon to the upper right that says my other blog page or you can click on the link below:

**(Note: I do not have all the pics to each cast photo shoot, i’m still working on uploading them, but these are what I have so far)**

Jackson Rathbone Admits: ‘It’s Going To Be Hard To Say Bye!’

Here’s a glimpse of an article on Jackson Rathbone from Zooey Magazine, found at

Check out this exclusive sneak peek of Twilight hottie, Jackson Rathbone, in the Dec./Jan. issue of Zooey magazine! He opens up about his band, seeing his face on pillow cases and Twilight’s inevitable, depressing end!

We hate thinking about it, but The Twilight Saga is rapidly nearing its end. Currently, the cast and crew are working furiously to shoot the final two movie installments of our favorite vampire epic — and the end is weighing heavily on actor Jackson Rathbone’s mind.

“I’m excited, but also sad because we’re nearing the end,” the 25-year-old star, who plays hunky vamp Jasper Hale, says in the upcoming issue of Zooey magazine. “It’s been an incredible experience working with such a fine cast and crew over the years, and it’s going to be hard to say goodbye.”

Jackson will have extra time during the shoot in Baton Rouge, Louis. because his character is MIA for much of Breaking Dawn, but he’s already packed his schedule with extracurriculars.

“I’ll be working with my band 100 Monkeys and playing shows around the South as well as setting up other productions for the future of my new company PatchMo Entertainment,” he says of his upcoming plans. “Also, I’m setting up a record label.”

A laid back muti-talented performer, Jackson says he’s still wrapping his head around being a mega star.

“Now there are pictures of me as a blonde vampire on T-shirts and pillowcases…that took a little getting used to,” he admits. Well, it still takes us some getting used to when we see you without your Twilight ensemble of the makeup and blonde wig. We almost forgot how gorgeous you are, Jackson!

To read Jackson’s entire Q-and-A with Zooey, pick up a copy next month when the issue hits newsstands – or better yet, be one of the first five readers to tell us why you’re a Jackson Rathbone fan and we’ll send you a free copy!

Jackson and Taylor included in Hottest Singles List

Here’s info on two of our hot actors from the twilight saga, found at

Taylor Lautner

Relationship Status: Single

Lautner told Oprah that he’ll remain single until he finds “somebody who can totally let loose and pretty much be
themselves and have fun.” What other qualities does she need to have? “Obviously, loyalty, honesty.”


Jackson Rathbone

Age: 25
Relationship status: Single

“Lust tastes like tequila and love tastes like whiskey. Love burns for longer and warms you up on the inside,
and sometimes it makes you do stupid things. Tequila just makes you wasted,” the “Twilight” star once opined.


Jackson Rathbone and Taylor Lautner both made the MSN list for the 100 hottest Hollywood Singles;

Check out who else made the list here.