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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Everyone!

I probably won’t get a chance to post anymore before the holidays, so this will be my last post of the year. I found some Christmas fan art that I really liked and thought you would enjoy too!

Breaking Dawn Filming News: More Script Spoilers!

Here’s an article on Breaking Dawn, found at

Breaking Dawn breaking dawn3 560x466 280x233 Breaking Dawn Filming News: More Script Spoilers! bella swan

We previously posted the Breaking Dawn script spoilers from Lainey Gossip.  Well, Lainey went to her live blog on December 13th to talk more about the script and the Cullens!   Again, this is from Lainey Gossips, she’s not a fan of Twilight and this is not confirmed

**Spoilers!  Don’t read if you don’t want to know!**

*Sarah is Lainey’s friend and the ‘Volcano guy’ she talking about is Aro.

*Sarah: I hear everyone on set is happier now than they were by the end of 2009. More relaxed, gelling better with the director, Condon is way into it. Everyone likes coming in each morning–that makes a difference.

Sarah: And Breaking Dawn, as terrible as the book was…it doesn’t sound bad. Like I am actually interested in seeing some of this. Especially in part 2. All the good stuff is in part 2.

Don’t go pass the break  if you don’t want spoilers!!


Lainey: the killing of the Cullens – did you READ my post? Did you note the key words? “See” – “seeing” things… ?

Sarah: It is a VISION. It’s a neat device to introduce some action into an otherwise static scene. You can’t have a two-hour talk off in a movie. It would KILL it. For real.

Lainey: Alice touches that head *Volcano guy.

Lainey: Slade liked some members more than others

Lainey: when she touches the Volcano guy he “sees” what will happen if he continues his course.

Sarah: Slade got a bad deal. Basically it went, “Yes yes we love it! We love you and your vision! Go do it!” Then is was, “No don’t do that, we hate that, don’t change that, don’t go there, leave this, more this…” It wore him down. And he didn’t get on with everyone. That’s a big cast and Slade isn’t a people pleaser. Tension happens. Oh well. Condon seems to be dealing better.

Lainey: McAdams and Sheen were in Louisiana. There’s a Tsunami Sushi there too. People got their sh-t wrong.

Lainey: OK so the first person whose head comes off is Carlisle. In the vision.

Lainey: Then everything goes to sh-t and all kinds of dying happens. And Bella and Edward kill Aro.

Lainey: the script calls for a lot of daddy moments.

Sarah: I want this. I want Edward’s temper. Pattinson is most interesting to me when he’s allowed to emote. So much of Edward is limited to whimpering and pleading and soulfoul looks. Please let him BE ANGRY. And throw some shit around.   Sarah:  Carlisle’s hair is like professional politician hair. It gets worse every movie.

Lainey: After Bella and Edward they die too.

Lainey: all these other people die too. Jane and her brother. Lots of deaths on both sides.

Lainey: Then Volcano guy snaps out of it, says he’s sorry. Everybody makes up and lives happily ever after.

Sarah: And wolves die and NO ONE will care. I bet someone cheers, even. (In the audience).

So, it was Alice’s vision.   The Volcano guy she is referring to is Aro.  For some reason Lainey can’t remember Volturi and calls it Volcano.  Alice “shows” Aro what will happen if he pursues a battle, so that is why the Volturi walk away.

I like this.  Maybe it was a manipulation from Alice, because she couldn’t see the wolves, right?  But Aro doesn’t know this.   What do you think?

‘Eclipse’ DVD commentary: Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart battle it out over Bella, Jacob, and Edward’s jealousy

Here’s another article on the Eclipse dvd commentary, found at


The Twilight Saga: Eclipse hit DVD and Blu-ray over the weekend, and the commentary track provided by Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart is among the highlights. Listening to it, you realize two things: She really hated the wig she had to wear (her hair was still Joan Jett short from filming The Runaways), and this could be the longest you’ve ever heard them talk as themselves. She’s a lot looser than she was on the commentary for the first film, and he’s even more willing to comically question Bella’s and Edward’s motives. They laugh constantly — especially throughout their disagreements below about whether Bella should continue her friendship with Jacob even though she knows it upsets Edward. He may just have been pushing her buttons (had they been in the same city when recording the track, he would have been slapped, playfully, repeatedly), but he might also be on to something: Is there a double standard when it comes to women in relationships being able to have male friends but men in relationships not being able to have female friends? Discuss.

BATTLE OF THE SEXES, PART 1: An angry Bella leaves Edward at school to catch up with Jacob

Pattinson: I just don’t get that. I don’t get your decision-making process to leave here. I didn’t even understand it at the time. I was just like, “I gotta break up with you immediately.” [He’s] like, “Please, please don’t go. Don’t leave me, don’t leave me, please.” And [she’s] like, “Shut up. I’m gonna go with this guy who wants to cheat, who wants to sleep with me” or whatever.

Stewart: Whoa.

Pattinson: I just said the wrong word. “Who wants to kiss me, who wants to hold my hand.” [Laughs]

Stewart: Shut up… I mean, that’s the whole first argument that they had in the beginning is she’s allowed to have other relationships.

Pattinson: Why? No, she’s not allowed to have other relationships.

Stewart: And she knows him a way that you don’t know him…. It’s cool. It’s sweet that he’s being–

Bella’s greeted by the shirtless wolf pack.

Pattinson: Geez, if I ever saw my girlfriend go around to this bunch of guys’ house with all their little bellies out [Both laugh]… and their fake-tanned nipples and their iron-on tattoos.

Stewart: Edward is just a little bit more mature than you.

Pattinson: Mature?

Stewart: Yep.

Pattinson: Nah.

Stewart: He can handle it. He’s a little bit more secure.

Pattinson: Let me just ask you something… Did the weather affect shooting today? [Laughs]

Stewart: Let’s look at the wig. We can just judge by that.

BATTLE OF THE SEXES, PART 2: Jacob tells Bella he’ll fight for her until her heart stops beating, then kisses her

Stewart: Everyone’s always questioning her, you know. God.

Pattinson: Yeah, but Jesus, so would I. Apart from Edward. Edward’s not. Edward’s like, “Listen, this is how it is…”

Stewart: Edward’s not questioning?! Are you kidding me?

Pattinson: He doesn’t question her. He just tells her how it is.

Stewart: Exactly, which is basically always the opposite.

Pattinson: No question. But he knows.

Stewart: [Melodramatically] Completely disregards any of her feelings or opinions. He doesn’t listen.

Pattinson: Yeah, obviously, he wouldn’t. Why should you listen to some girl say she likes some other guy maybe more than you? It’s like, “Well if you do, leave me then.” [Laughs]

Stewart: That — no, no, no — that he listens to because that’s something that he can easily kill himself about. But all the stuff that’s anything even remotely complimentary to him, and making everything easier, and just being brave and jumping into something and being like, “It’s gonna be okay,” he’s always inserting all of these fake, pragmatic reasons that they can’t do stuff.

Pattinson: They’re not fake, pragmatic reasons.

Stewart: They are.

BATTLE OF THE SEXES, PART 3: Bella prepares to be carried up the mountain to the tent by a shirtless Jacob

Pattinson: You just give him so much hassle all the time.

Stewart: [Laughs] Okay, we can’t do this again, seriously.

Pattinson: I feel really sorry for him. I remember seeing this at the premiere, and I was talking to people afterwards and just going like, “It’s like the most depressing story in the world. You got this little guy coming around with his shirt off all the time. It’s so close to reality, that there’s always some punk who wants to get up in your business all the time.”

Stewart: What are you talking about?

Pattinson: What are you talking about?

Stewart: How is this related to your reality?

Pattinson: [Laughs] And girls can never understand it. Literally, you can only talk to guys about it ’cause girls never get it. Girls are like, “Why? I should be able to do whatever I want.” [Both laugh] And the guy’s like, “But I’m in love with you. You’re supposed to, like, respect that.” It’s like you can’t just keep going off with the naked guy all the time. If I started hanging out with girls with their boobs out all the time, then you just would not like it. [Long pauseBooobs!

Stewart: [Laughs] Are you drunk right now, seriously?

Pattinson: I’m so tired.

Stewart: You have like a pack of Heineken next to you. I know it.

Pattinson: I don’t. I have to drive.

Stewart: I don’t know if that’s such a good idea.

Pattinson: I’m not drinking, I swear to God. I’m just sitting in a room by myself. It’s so easy to go nuts.


Okay, whose side are you on? (And if you’ve listened to their commentary, how great is their chemistry?)

Twilight Eclipse DVD & Blu-Ray Sales Report

Here’s an article on the Eclipse DVD, found at

Twilight Eclipse DVD and Blu-Ray sales numbers have just been released, and while they’re unequivocally strong, the figures don’t align with that of the previous installments in the Twilight series

Eclipse’s Home Video Market debut commenced at 12:01 a.m. on Saturday, December 4th, 2010, trading in the usual Tuesday release that has become customary for DVD and Blu-Ray releases.

Like the past Twilight movies, this effectively allowed fans of the series, many of which are either in school or work, to organize release parties and/or stay up late to purchase their copy of Eclipse right away.

According to Summit Entertainment, Twilight Eclipse sold slight more than 3 million Blu-Ray and DVD copies together during its first two days of release, December 4, 2010 and December 5, 2010. That is substantially less than both the number of units Twilight sold during its first two days of release in 2009, as well as what Twilight New Moon sold just earlier this year.

For comparisons sake, 3.8 million copies of Twilight were snatched up during its first two days of release 2009, and Twilight New Moon sold just slightly more than 4 million copies through its first two days on the market, following its release on March 23rd, 2010.

While this might come as a surprise to many, it’s very important to note that Twilight (2008) and Twilight New Moon made their DVD and Blu-Ray debut during the month of March, versus December release for Twilight Eclipse.

The change in the season presents drastic changes in the market, and the December frame is incredibly more crowded than March, which is immediately evident by the release of The Last Airbender, and Knight and Day, but even more importantly the Home Media Market premiere of Inception and Shrek 4 just yesterday.

The Home Media Magazine has a great quote from Steve Nickerson, who is the president of Summit Home Entertainment. You can read the quote below.

With the first two titles, we had massive March opening events involving thousands of retail stores,” Nickerson said. “We were going for a big bang, right out of the gate. This time we are releasing the film during the holiday season, a much more crowded time and one with vastly different consumer shopping patterns. So our whole plan is to look at what we’re doing over a four-week period of time, and not a single night.”

Further stating: “We expect that come the beginning of the year, the performance of Eclipse will mirror that of the first two titles,” Nickerson said.

Either way, even if Twilight Eclipse doesn’t match the unit sales of its predecessors, it should in no way undermine the movie’s financial success. The movie had a rather modest production cost for a feature of its status of only $70 million, and has already taken in a massive $692 million worldwide at the box office.

Exact figures have yet to be officially released, but I estimate that the 3 million copies Twilight Eclipse sold generated Blu-Ray and DVD sales in the vicinity of $65 million to $75 million. Needless to say, the Twilight Franchise is hugely successful, and one that has seen profits bolstered by the low production budgets it has maintained.

However, it’s likely that Twilight Breaking Dawn will have a heightened production budget, that could very well exceed $90-$100 million.

Breaking Dawn Filming News: MORE Script Spoilers!

Here’s an article on Breaking Dawn, found at

Breaking Dawn THE CULLENS Wallpaper twilight series 8931754 1280 1024 280x224 Breaking Dawn Filming News: MORE Script Spoilers!  breaking dawn

Lainey Gossips is reporting moreBreaking Dawn script spoilers!  Vampire sex in the cottage, vampire Bella fighting Jacob and the wolves and the “battle”!   Granted, this is Lainey Gossips.   It’s not for certain, but Lainey has been right before.


Last week after Thanksgiving, on a sound stage in Louisiana, Stewart and Pattinson worked on the Vampire Sex Scenes that take place immediately after Bella gets turned. They’ve also shot some Christmas sequences. Pattinson’s had a few days off since last Thursday – today being the last – and Stewart had almost the same days off save one in the middle. Then they both resume shooting for the next week or so at the Cullen House where she’s pregnant and feeling like sh-t.

I like the tension between Bella and the wolves when she finds out Jacob has attached himself to her baby. She smacks him around. And then his wolf friends try to step in and she smacks them around too and everyone’s all like – oh Bella she’s so strong, roar.

You sappy types will enjoy some tender family moments between Bella and Edward and the child with the dumb name as they come together for the first time. Oh and backtracking for a minute, the movie is supposed to open with some loveness too as Bella “meets” Edward as a vampire and they bump hearts.

Read more after the break — and don’t say we didn’t warn you .. there is TONS of “OMG” after the break!!

K, so after the baby business they head over to the Cottage for what’s described as a “second honeymoon” with notes from the screenwriter that stress that this is to be VAMPIRE SEX and totally different from when they had sex before. Which basically means that they start mashing up against each other without restraint. Especially him. So there are a lot of accelerated motion quick cuts – him on top, then her on top, the camera’s speeding around them, they’re speeding around each other, like porn on 30x, legs and arms are whizzing by, at one point, a wall is smashed; she does it when she’s the aggressor, pinning him like he’s the weaker one, it’s his wrist that breaks the brick in the wall, until he throws her off, but landing on top of her, wildly and when I was reading this I kinda pictured mechanical monkeys but I think the close-ups on the face will make up for that. In between the quick edit speed sex, they’re supposed to zoom in on faces, all lusty and wanton and she puts her hands through his hair a lot.

Time passes.

Hours. Days.

Maybe weeks.

They’re so lost in the f-cking.

I like how it concludes. Limbs entwined on a chair in front of a fire. Specific instructions that they are not to look like human beings who’ve just had each other. Vampires do it like Victoria Beckham. Don’t mess with the makeup. No redness, no exertion, no flushing, no sweat. And then some pillow talk about how they can’t imagine how any other couple could be hotter and they could out jungle-sex Brad and Angelina. I may have made up the part about Brad and Angelina but that’s the general idea – that Bella and Edward think they’ve won the gold medal in f-cking. Then they f-ck some more. Now I’m told this was the intent. And the actors were all for it. They filmed it with this as their guide. But, well, there’s the issue of the author Meyer and whether or not she’ll agree to how erotic it is in the final edit.
Some people talk. Bella protects everyone. They talk some more. Then they make up and go away. Happily ever after.

You put that in a movie and you get eggs thrown at the screen.

There has to be more to keep the audience. And that’s what the audience will get.

This is a crucial spoiler. Be responsible with this spoiler when you post it on your own blogs. Please. And don’t yell at me about not wanting to be spoiled and reading it anyway. You were warned.


I’m told there will be a battle. You will “see” a battle. A vicious battle. And …


Some Cullens die. Wolves too. It’s total carnage.

If you know your sh-t, it shouldn’t be hard to figure out how they manage this and what the conclusion will be. Good interpretation though, non? So that at least there’s suspense. We can talk about it some more on the LiveBlog next week. I’m happy to be more specific during the LiveBlog. We’ll open up the floor for 10 minutes to Twilight questions. See you then?

OMG!  I need a moment…..

Ten Minutes with Kellan Lutz

Here’s an interview with Kellan Lutz, found at


At 25, Kellan Lutz has become one of the most recognizable faces in the world. From his turn as Emmet Cullen in the Twilight films, to his modeling work for Calvin Klein, it’s hard to miss him. And the accolades just keep rolling in, including a spot on this year’s Sexiest Men Alive list, published byPeople Magazine.

Today marks the the Twilight: Eclipse DVD release, which Lutz and his fellow castmates, in partnership with Eclipse Gum, are celebrating at a party in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where they are currently filming the last installment of the franchise. I caught up with Kellan to discuss what it’s like to be wrapping up the franchise, what else he’s working on and what it’s like to be considered one of the sexiest men alive.


Hey Fabio.

Hey Kellan, how’s it going?

I’m doing fabulous, how are you?

I’m doing pretty good. So I understand you’re in Louisiana filming the last film in theTwilight franchise?

Yeah, I just flew back in. I’ve been really blessed with these movies. This new one is a big, seven-month movie but it’s nice to have time to fly back and forth to LA and other places just because you end up having a week off here and there. So it’s nice. I’m back here, it’s like my fourth trip flying back. And I love Baton Rouge, I’m really happy shooting here. I shot here back in May, I had a movie that, you know, wasn’t as hectic with fans because not all the Twilight (actors) were here, but I just love this town and I love being a tour guide for the castmates.

What was the movie that you were filming in Baton Rouge before Twilight?

It’s called The Killing Game, a film that Jonah Loop directed, a big hard-R action movie with Sam Jackson. I loved it, I had the best time. I love to fight so I got to do a lot of my mixed martial arts and weapons training. It ‘s a big exciting movie.

How long have you been doing MMA?

Well I haven’t really been doing MMA. When I (was growing) up, it would just be friends having a Fight Club in our backyard. But as far as mixed training, I’ve been boxing for years now and I love doing my own stunts. I’ve made a lot of friends who are really well trained [stuntmen] and really professional. [For The Killing Game], I got to set and I had no time to train. We started shooting right away, so at lunch time or whenever we had five minutes, I just worked with those guys¬–tried out new weapons and learned new moves. And that’s what I continue to do to this day. When I’m back in LA, that’s what I like to do to work out. That’s what I want to do with my future–do action movies. So if I can train myself in terms of doing my movies and not having to take a month off to train, it [will be] nice be to able to go back and [have time to] just hang with my boys.

Totally. So, you’re currently working on the last Twilight film and you’ve been working with these people for quite a while now. Are you feeling a little bit sad as it ends?

No, not at all. This whole franchise is definitely special to be apart of. It’s really different than, say, the Lord of the Rings movies where you’re down in New Zealand for years. These movies are kind of easy and they don’t get tiresome. You work for three or four months on each movie and then you go home and with in those time periods, we have weeks off because we do block shooting. So, all the werewolves shoot for a couple weeks and then the vampires shoot. We come and go a lot. We don’t really–I mean, none of us have gotten sick of each other, we all love each other. We’re all very responsible and we take on the opportunities that being part of this franchise has given us in different field and parts of the industry and in life. So, I haven’t even thought about it, it’s not going to end really until 2012 and a few months after that–flying around, doing junkets. But no, I’m definitely not sad… It’s not work, you know?

So, switching gears a little bit. You were named to People‘s Sexiest Men Alive list. What’s that like for you when you get these, um… awards, I guess

(Laughs.) It’s very flattering. I remember, I’ve seen magazines like that and I don’t really watch TV. But you know, Ryan Reynolds is in there all the time and now on the cover, and it’s very humbling that People magazine would have me be a part of that.

What does your family think?

My–my family (Laughs.) I mean, I fell into acting. I’ve always kind of been “crazy Kellan” and just full of energy and doing my own thing that once I got into acting, it kind of just escalated all that attention for them in a way. Because I like to make my own attention. I just went back to Iowa, where my grandparents live, and I try to see them as much as I can. And they love it. They watch all my movies. We’re in a small town, so it’s like everyone knows them by their first name, there’s one street light and they tell (their friends) that I’m going to come there. They’re like, “Oh, he’s just going to have his friends over,’ because last time I was there the whole town came by and I was just signing autographs. Which I fine, but you think you can get away from that by going to see your grandparents in the middle of nowhere. This time I was like, “Ok, let’s just do a big barbeque. We can have everyone come over and take pictures,” because I only had a day and a half there. I wanted to go and hang out on the farm, I wanted to see my cousins and stuff and I just didn’t have time to spend a whole day doing that again. And we decided to do a dinner and had a bunch of people come over and I stopped by the local gas station and, everyone knows each other, so their [friends] ask, “What are you doing?”

“Oh, this is my grandson, he’s from LA–from Hollywood. He’s an actor. He’s in People Magazine!” They just had this whole (thing) down and I’m just like, “Great! Throw me under the bus like that!” (Laughs.) But they’re sweethearts, and it puts such a smile on their face and if I can do that and it tacks on a couple more years to their life, (then) by all means, I want to.

Do you ever miss normalcy?

I’ve never been normal.

What do you mean?

I mean, I’m really down to earth but I mean–I’m normal but I am very random. I can’t just sit down at a computer. I can’t just do the normal things. I’m always doing something–being outside, doing things that a lot of people just don’t do and I look at that. But in my normal life, I’m still Kellan. Yeah, Twilight’s been a world of a change and has really helped me in my career, but I still do the same things I’ve always done. I still go bowling with friends and go to batting cages and I still go snowboarding all the time, walking my dog, hiking. That hasn’t changed. Yeah, the paparazzi get annoyed when I’m (Laughs) and they didn’t realize to pack warm clothes. But no, I haven’t changed.


I saw you also had a premeire for an independent film, Meskada. How is it for you to go from a big production like Twilight to a smaller independent feature?

There’s definitely a change and I like it. I really prefer the change. I’ve had a great balance of studio-indie films. I did Love, Wedding, MarriageThe Killing GameMeskadaA Warrior’s Heart, which are all indies. [Then] you have all these Twilight movies, which are larger than life movies. And I [also] did Immortals for Relativity and that’s going to be a huge, epic mythology movie. It’s really great to do the bigger movies where there’s a lot of cogs in the machine, so it takes a lot of days to shoot something and then these smaller, independent movies. You only have three weeks to shoot it so you really are hands on, you really have a big say and you have to know all your lines because you can’t afford to do multiple takes. And they’re just different. You get to play different characters and there are a lot of great, independent scripts as well as studio movies.


What was it like to work on the Calvin Klein campaign? I mean, I live in LA and I remember driving up Sunset and seeing your rather inescapable billboard. What was that like for you on the other side?

Again, I’ve been so fortunate with everything. I’ve just been really blessed and being part of that campaign was just a really amazing experience. I remember the first time I was driving down Sunset and there was some construction going on and my eyes veered left and I saw my mug and my billboard. You get kind of shy and I was embarrassed for a second because I’m just standing there in my underwear, but it quickly turned into being very proud, being very thankful. Calvin Klein made a very provocative, great campaign with all of those guys and I think it’s done very well for the company. Just being a part of it–it’s tasteful. I love the clothes, so it’s great to be part of something that you actually wear and love and I’m very thankful that I was able to do it.

OK Magazine: What Would The Real Renesmee Look Like?

Here’s an article on Renesmee, found at

Breaking Dawn renesmee split dec6 OK Magazine: What Would The Real Renesmee Look Like?  mackenzie foy

OK Magazine had a police artist to create the portrait of Renesmee based on the description in Breaking Dawn.

OK! asked a police artist to create a portrait of what the child of Edward Cullen and Bella Swan should look like, based on the descriptions of each character in theTwilight Saga. The artist’s rendering bears a striking resemblance to 10-year-oldMackenzie Foy, the actress who was cast as Renesmee.

“She sort of looks like Bella, which is absolutely right,” Kristen Stewart has said of Mackenzie. “Although the funny thing is she has green eyes and we both have to wear brown contacts together!”

The artist rendering shows Renesmee with green eyes, as Bella imagined her child, since Edward used to have green eyes. But as readers know, once Renesmee arrives, she’s inherited Bella’s chocolate brown eyes!


New Twilight Still!!!

I don’t know about any of you, but I haven’t seen this one before!

The Best ‘Twilight Saga’ Movie Quotes

Here’s an article on the Twilight Saga, found at

With the DVD release of “The Twilight SagaEclipse” on Dec. 4, it’s time to look back at your favorite vampire-werewolf-human love triangle and relive all those tortured and romantic movie moments! Enjoy these great movie lines from the “Twilight Saga”!

1. ‘Twilight’

“I’d never given much though to how I would die. But dying in place of someone I love, seems like a good way to go. I can’t bring myself to regret the decisions that brought me face to face with death. They also brought me to Edward.” —Bella (Kristen Stewart)

2. ‘Twilight’

Jessica (Anna Kendrick): “Hey you’re from Arizona right?”

Bella: “Yeah.”

Jessica: “Aren’t people from Arizona supposed to be like, really tan?”

Bella: “Yeah, maybe, that’s why they kicked me out.”

3. ‘Twilight’

Bella: “Are you going to tell me how you stopped the van?”

Edward (Robert Pattinson): “Yeah. Um… I had an adrenaline rush. It’s very common. You can Google it.”

4. ‘Twilight’

Bella: “Will you tell me the truth?”

Edward: “No, probably not. [Bella turns away slightly angry] I’d rather hear your theories.”

Bella: “I have considered radioactive spiders and kryptonite.”

Edward: “All superhero stuff right? But what if I’m not the hero? What if I am the bad guy?”

Bella: “You’re not.”

5. ‘Twilight’

Bella: “You’re impossibly fast. And strong. Your skin is… pale white, and ice cold. Your eyes change color… and sometimes you speak like – like you’re from a different time. You never eat or drink anything; you don’t go into the sunlight. [pauses] How old are you?”

Edward: “Seventeen.”

Bella: “How long have you been 17?”

Edward: “…a while.”

Bella: “I know what you are.”

Edward: “Say it… out loud. Say it.”

Bella: “Vampire.”

Edward: “Are you afraid?”

Isabella Swan: [turns to face him] “No.”

Edward: “Then ask me the most basic question: What do we eat?”

6. ‘Twilight’

Edward: “And so the lion fell in love with the lamb.”

Bella: “What a stupid lamb.”

Edward: “What a sick, masochistic lion.”

7. ‘Twilight’

“About three things I was absolutely positive. First, Edward was a vampire. Second, there was a part of him, and I didn’t know how dominate that part might be, that thirsted for my blood. And third, I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him.” —Bella

8. ‘Twilight’

Waylon Ned Bellamy): “Well hello.”

James (Cam Gigandet): “Nice jacket.”

Waylon: “Who are you?”

James: “Always the same inane questions… ‘Who are you?’”

Victoria (Rachelle Lefevre): “‘What do you want?’”

James: “‘Why are you doing this?’”

Laurent (Edi Gathegi): “James… let’s not play with our food.”

9. ‘Twilight’

Esme Cullen (Elizabeth Reaser): “I hope you’re hungry.”

Bella: “Yeah, absolutely!”

Edward: “She already ate.”

Rosalie Hale (Nikki Reed): [crushes the salad bowl she’s holding] “Perfect!”

Bella: “Yeah. It’s just that I know… I know you guys don’t eat.”

Esme: “Of course. That’s very considerate of you.”

Edward: “Just ignore Rosalie. I do.”

Rosalie: “Yeah! Let’s just keep pretending like this isn’t dangerous for all of us.”

Bella: “I would never tell anybody anything.”

Dr. Carlisle Cullen (Peter Facinelli): “She knows that.”

Emmett Cullen (Kellan Lutz): “Yeah, well the problem is… you two have gone public now so…”

Esme: “Emmett!”

Rosalie: “No, she should know. The entire family will be implicated if this ends badly.”

Bella: “Badly as in… I become the meal.”

10. ‘Twilight’

“You are my life now.” —Edward

11.’New Moon’

“Please don’t make me choose. Because it will be him, every time. It’s always been him.” —Bella

12.’New Moon’

“It’s my birthday, can I ask for something? Kiss me.” —Bella

13.’New Moon’

Bella: “I’m coming with you!”

Edward: “Bella, I don’t want you to come with me.”

Bella: “You… You don’t want me?”

Edward: “No.”

Bella: “Well, that changes things. A lot. What happened with Jasper was nothing.”

Edward: “Nothing compared to what could’ve happened. I promise never to put you through anything like this ever again. This is the last time you’ll ever see me.”

14.’New Moon’

“Alice. You’ve disappeared. Like everything else. Now who else can I talk to? I’m lost. When you left, and he left, you took everything with you. But the absence of him is everywhere I look. It’s like a huge hole has been punched through my chest. But In a way, I’m glad. The pain is the only reminder that he was real. That you all were.” —Bella

15.’New Moon’

Bella: “Woah, you’re buff. What are you, like 16?”

Jacob (Taylor Lautner): “Age is just a number, baby. What are you now, 40?”

16.’New Moon’

Jacob: “Tell me something… You like me, right? [Bella nods] And you think I’m sorta beautiful?”

Bella: “Jake, please don’t do this.”

Jacob: “Why?”

Bella: “Because you’re about to ruin everything. And I need you.”

Jacob: “Well, I’ve got loads of time. I’m not going to give up.”

Bella: “I don’t want you to. But that’s just because I don’t want you to go anywhere. It’s really selfish. You know, I’m not like a car that you can fix up. I’m never going to run right.”

Jacob: “It’s because of him, isn’t it? Look, I know what he did to you. But Bella, I would never, ever do that. I won’t ever hurt you. I promise. I won’t let you down. You can count on me.”

17.’New Moon’

Bella: “So, you’re a werewolf?”

Jacob: “Yeah, last time I checked.”

18.’New Moon’

Jared (Bronson Pelletier): “These are trade secrets! She runs with vampires!”

Bella: “You can’t really run with vampires. They’re very fast.”

Jared: “Well, we’re faster. Freaked out yet?”

Bella: “You’re not the first monsters I’ve met.”

Sam Uley (Chaske Spencer): “Jake’s right, you’re good with weird.”

19.’New Moon’

Alice Cullen (Ashley Greene): “Bella it’s Edward, he thinks you’re dead!”

Bella: “What?”

Alice: “He’s going to the Volturi. He wants to die, too.”

20.’New Moon’

Edward: “Heaven.”

Bella: [Bella runs into Edward in attempt to get in back in the shadows] “You have to move! Open your eyes, look at me. I’m alive. You have to move!”

[Edward grabs Bella and goes into the shadows]

Edward: “You’re here!”

Bella: “I’m here.”

Edward: “You’re alive!”

Bella: “Yes… I needed you to see me once. You had to know that I was alive. You didn’t need to feel guilty about it. I can let you go now.”

Edward: “I could never let go of you. I just couldn’t live in a world where you didn’t exist.”

Bella: “[puzzled] But you said… ”

Edward: “I lied. I had to lie, and you believed me so easily.”

Bella: “Because it doesn’t make sense for you to love me. I’m nothing… Human. Nothing.”

Edward: “Bella, you’re everything to me. Everything.”

21.’New Moon’

Edward: “The Volturi are the closest thing my world has to royalty… they enforce the law.”

Bella: “Vampires have laws?”

22.’New Moon’

Aro (Michael Sheen): “What a happy surprise! So Bella is alive after all. Isn’t that wonderful? I love a happy ending… they are so rare.”

23.’New Moon’

Edward: “I just have one condition if you want me to do it myself.”

Bella: “What’s the condition?”

Edward: “And then forever.”

Bella: “That’s what I’m asking.”

Edward: [dramatic pause] “Marry me, Bella.”

24. ‘Eclipse’

“When we were 5, they asked us what we wanted to be when we grew up. Our answers were things like, astronauts, president… or in my case, a princess. When we were ten, they asked again. We answered, a rock star, cowboy, or in my case, a gold medalist. But now that we’re grown up, they want a serious answer. Well, how about this. Who the hell knows? This isn’t the time to make hard and fast decisions; this is a time to make mistakes. Take the wrong train and get stuck somewhere. Fall in love… a lot. Major in philosophy, because there’s no way to make a career out of that. Change your mind, and change it again, because nothing’s permanent. So, make as many mistakes as you can. That way, someday, when they ask what we want to be, we won’t have to guess… we’ll know.” —Jessica

25. ‘Eclipse’

“You’ll always be my Bella… [pauses] My Bella just less fragile.” —Edward

26. ‘Eclipse’

Charlie Swan (Billy Burke): “What’s going on?”

Jacob: “I kissed Bella. [pause] And she broke her hand punching my face. It was a complete misunderstanding.”

27. ‘Eclipse’

Bella: [about her kissing Jacob] “You saw?”

Edward: “No. But Jacob’s thoughts are pretty loud.”

Bella: “I don’t know what happened.”

Edward: “You love him.”

Bella: “I love you more.”

Edward: “I know.”

28. ‘Eclipse’

Edward: [about Jacob] “Doesn’t he own a shirt?”

29. ‘Eclipse’

Jasper Hale (Jackson Rathbone): “The two most important things to remember are first, never let them get their arms around you, they’ll crush you instantly. And second, never go for the obvious kill. They’ll be expecting that. And you will lose.”

30. ‘Eclipse’

Bree (Jodelle Ferland): “What did you do to me? I, I’m so…
[clutches throat]

Riley (Xavier Samuel): “I know. We’ll get you someone to drink. Just try not to get killed. I’m gonna need numbers.”

31. ‘Eclipse’

Jacob: “Imprinting on someone is like… Like when you see her… Everything changes. All of a sudden, its not gravity holding you to the planet. It’s her… Nothing else matters.”

32. ‘Eclipse’

Edward: [with Jake in the tent,as Bella sleeps between them] “This might sound odd, but I’m glad you’re here.”

Jacob: “Meaning, as much as I’d love to kill you, I’m glad she’s warm. Let’s face it, I am hotter than you.”

Edward: “If we weren’t natural enemies, and you weren’t trying to steal my reason for existing, I might actually like you.”

Jacob: “Well, if you weren’t planning on sucking the life out of the girl I love, I might… [laughs] No. Not even then.”

33. ‘Eclipse’

Charlie Swan: “Well, his sister I like.”

Bella: “Alice? Yeah, she’s great. Hey Dad, I was wondering, why didn’t you get re-married, after mom?”

Charlie Swan: “Uh, I don’t know… uh I guess I haven’t met the right gal. Why?”

Bella: “I don’t know. I thought you just maybe gave up on the whole institution of it, of marriage… But do you think there’s any value in it?”

Charlie Swan: “Yep. Yeah, marriage has value… when you’re older, much older. Like your mother, uh, seemed to work out fine for her the second time around, later in life.”

Bella: “Yeah I guess.”

Charlie Swan: “I mean, you definitely don’t want to have to get married cause your not… um careful.”

Bella: “What?”

Charlie Swan: “You know what I’m talking about. There’s… things that you need to think about if your going to be… physically intimate…”

Bella: “Okay, don’t have ‘the talk,’ please.”

Charlie Swan: “It’s just as embarrassing for me as it is for you.”

Bella: “I doubt that. And don’t bother, cause Mom bet you to it like 10 years ago.”

Charlie Swan: “Well, you didn’t have a boyfriend 10 years ago.”

Bella: “I’m sure things work the same way.”

Charlie Swan: “Alright, so, you guys are taking precaution?”

Bella: “Dad, please just don’t worry about… that. Edward is… old school.”

Charlie Swan: “Old school, great. What’s that, like a code for something?

Bella: “Oh my God, dad, I’m a virgin!”

Charlie Swan: “Ah, okay… glad we covered that.”

Bella Swan: [runs up stairs] “Me too!”

Charlie Swan: “Virgin… I’m liking Edward a little more now.”

34. ‘Eclipse’

Edward: “I’m from a different era, things were a lot less complicated. And if I’d met you back then, I would’ve courted you, would’ve taken you on chaperoned strolls, ice tea on the porch. I may have stolen a kiss or two, but only after asking your father’s permission — and I would’ve got down on knee. [kneels] And I would’ve presented you with a ring. [opens box with the ring and places it in her hand] This is my mother’s. Isabella Swan, I promise to love you every moment of forever. Would you do me the extraordinary honor of marrying me?”

Bella: “Yes.”

35. ‘Eclipse’

Bella: “This wasn’t a choice between you and Jacob. It was between who I should be and who I am. I’ve always felt out of step. Like literally stumbling through my life. I’ve never felt normal, because I’m not normal, and I don’t wanna be. I’ve had to face death and loss and pain in your world, but I’ve also never felt stronger, like more real, more myself, because it’s my world too. It’s where I belong.”

Edward: “So it’s not just about me?”

Bella: “No. [pause] Sorry.”

‘Eclipse’ DVD: Our 12 Favorite Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart Commentary Quotes

Here’s an article on the Eclipse dvd, found at

Can we all just agree that Robert Pattinson is one strange dude? That doesn’t mean we don’t love him. He’s just a weird guy—which is why we were so excited to hear the “Eclipse” DVD commentary he recorded with his “Twilight Saga” costar Kristen Stewart. The two weren’t in the same city—actually, they were in different countries: Rob in Los Angeles and Kristen in Montreal —but some sort of conference call situation allowed the duo to record a commentary track together. It’s clear the two are good friends, since they spent most of the movie teasing each other and reminiscing about the shoot.

Most of all, though, we got another major piece of evidence to prove our “Rob is odd” theory: basically the entirety of the DVD commentary. We watched it earlier this week—the tough things we do for you, Crushers—and jotted down 12 of the most bizarre (and, coincidentally, the funniest) quotes from the Robsten chatfest. Not surprisingly, most of them come from Rob. Our favorites are after the jump. (Trust us, they’re just as weird in context.)

Scene: Xavier becomes a vampire
Xavier would make a wonderful hamburger… He’s just dripping with spread.
Kristen: Ew, that’s so gross.
Rob: Okay, how do we be serious about this?

Scene: The first meadow kiss
There’s a lot of kissing in this film. I noticed that when I was watching. After a while, it made me a little uncomfortable.

Scene: Bella gets in her truck. Edward is waiting for her.
Bella (in movie):
“You scared me.”
Rob (in commentary):
I was trying to. (low voice) I thought you’d like that. (lower voice) I’m Batman.

Scene: Bella goes to the Wolf Pack house for the first time
She’s allowed to have other relationships.
Rob (heated):
Why? No, she’s not allowed to have other relationships! If I ever saw my girlfriend go around to this bunch of guys’ house with all their little shirt—with all their little bellies out and their fake tan nipples and their iron-on tattoos…
Edward is just a little bit more mature than you.
He can handle it.

Scene: Boo Boo Stewart comes on screen
(in Yogi Bear voice) Heya Boo Boo!

Scene: An establishing shot of a beautiful lake
Have you ever gone to like the bottom of a swimming pool and just looked up at the top?
Very scary.
I think it’s really cool.
(quietly singing) Doo doo doo doooooo

Scene: I don’t remember!
See, your wig looks really good there.
No it does not.
Rob: It looks like Anne Hathaway’s hair.

Scene: Carlisle talks to the group about fighting newborns
Peter also uses his wig as a cereal bowl… He’ll sometimes have some, like, Top Ramen in it.

Scene: The tent
God, he’s so brazen. I really don’t like Jacob. Look at him with his tattoo. Ugh.
Kristen: Look at him cradling, his little head tucked in there.
Rob: You look like you’re milking him.

Scene: The fight
That’s the sequel, Kellan and the wolf. That’s going to be a magical relationship in the next one.
Rob (later):
My mouth hole looks really black.

Scene: Edward bites Victoria’s head off
Come on, eat it! Mmmm, yummy. Butterscotch.

Scene: The meadow, part two
God, what is Edward going on about half the time?
Kristen: Does it matter?
Rob: It doesn’t matter.