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What Will the First Breaking Dawn Trailer Contain?

Here’s an article of what might be in the first trailer of Breaking Dawn, found at

Breaking Dawn breaking dawn movie poster official 560x829 Official Breaking Dawn Part 1 Poster HD/HQ breaking dawn poster

Last week, the President of Riofilme, the group which aided production on The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 in Brazil this winter, shared a fragment of insight about what the first trailer for the film – expected to debut at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards on June 5th – might contain.

According to him, fans can expect to see four moments which were shot on location in Brazil. The ones which we know were shot in Brazil include:

There were a few others inside the Casa em Paraty location as well, of course.

Most of the official The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 photos released so far seem to be derived from some of the above-listed scenes, as many of you agreed, so it certainly makes sense that the first trailer focus might be on those . . . but what else could it contain?

Of the non-honeymoon stills, all have been wedding-oriented (i.e., the first-look at the Denali Coven, both times at the wedding; Jacob and Aro both reacting to their invitation receipts; and Bella and Alice prepping her make-up and hair). So, it’s certainly conceivable that some of the wedding will be involved in the trailer . . . but probably not too much. The level of reveal for this will likely match what we’ve seen with the stills. Some portions of the wedding (imaginably, the dress, Edward in his tux, the vows, Bella and Jacob’s dance) will probably be reserved for later to serve as a surprise for the film itself. What portions would be unspoilery enough to show on-screen, I have no idea; but I’d be shocked if nothing of the event made it to the first trailer.

As for what else . . .

Well first of all, the split point between Breaking Dawn – Part 1 and Breaking Dawn – Part 2 is, per an old Wyck Godfrey (producer of the Twilight Sagainterview, as follows:


“The first part will cover the wedding, the honeymoon and the birth.” The film ends just before she embarks on her supernatural transformation.

Since we’ve covered one and two already, now on to the birth. Obviously, to get to that point, bases A (the wedding) and B (the honeymoon) would have to be covered. That doesn’t seem to be a problem. Even then, though, a lot of explanation is necessary to get to C (the birth of Renesmee). It might be a stretch to think that could happen in a film’s first trailer. Not to mention, the nature of this moment may be rather graphic. So, I imagine that the subject of Bella’s pregnancy might come into play for the first trailer, but it may not be as large a focus as the other two aspects of Part 1.

Lastly, Part 1 promises a look at Bella’s transformation process. The trailer, however, probably won’t get us there just yet. From what everyone is expecting (the consensus seems to believe there’ll be a flash of her newborn eyes at the very end, cliff-hangering for Part 2), this will be a major lead-in for the second film but the vision of Bella as a new vampire won’t be developed enough in Part 1 to warrant inclusion in the trailer for the film. In other words, Breaking Dawn – Part 1 is about the three things Wyck Godfrey mentioned above, and Part 2 is about Bella’s new life. It would be misleading to infer otherwise.

Same reasoning for Renesmee. Bella doesn’t see the baby until after she has come to from her transformation. There has been some information suggesting a flashforward sequence (like the telling prologues in the book series) might include her, however, but that really has no business being in the trailer.

So, to sum it up: I think we’ll see a glimpse of the wedding – brief but exciting – as well as a glimpse at the honeymoon before we get a hint of the aftermath. We might see the reactions of the Cullens and the Volturi to some of the events as well. Maybe even the humans.

Can you think of anything else that might be in the trailer? I’m attaching the trailers for TwilightNew Moon, and Eclipse in the videos section to see if you notice a trend at all.

As explained before, the first trailer for Breaking Dawn – Part 1 is expected to debut at the June 5th MTV Movie Awards. That information comes from (1) the president of Riofilme and (2) history of the Twilight Saga‘s relationship with that show.

Great news! Twilight Graphic Novel, Volume II Set To Be Available In Book Stores In October 2011

Here’s some info on the Twilight graphic novel, vol 2, found at

Breaking Dawn TWILIGHT SPREAD Good news! Twilight Graphic Novel, Volume II Set To Be Available In Book Stores In October 2011 stephenie meyer

Twilight Graphic Novel, Volume II by Stephenie Meyer, art and adaptation by Young Kim is finally coming to book stores October 11, 2011.  Published by Yen Press, the graphic novel imprint of Hatchette Book Group.  The book is to be published in eBook and hardcover for $19.95 with a first printing of 350,000 copies.

When the first volume of first Twilight Graphic Novel made an appearance in stores last year  it enjoyed phenomenal success in sales.   Fans of Twilight everywhere, including it’s author Stephenie Meyer, have anxiously awaited this new volume.

Said Stephenie, “Knowing how beautifully Young Kim rendered the Twilightuniverse in the first volume, I couldn’t wait for this next one.  Her illustrations of settings and characters gorgeously capture the world and are very close to what I saw in my mind’s eye while I was writing Twilight.”

Both the first and the second volumes of the Twilight Graphic Novel beautifully portray the Twilight meadow scene: the first, showing Bella lying on the grass gazing fondly, her hand intertwined with Edward’s.  The second volume continues the artwork with Edward, his hand in Bella’s.

20 Movie Houses You Can Live In – check out number 8!

Here’s an article on the Cullens’ house of the movies, found at

Breaking Dawn twilight 2008 08 630 75 560x248 The Twilight House Listed At Number 8 In The 20 Movie Houses You Can Live In robert pattinson

Number 8 – Twilight (2008)

The House: Super-cool, super-stylish digs owned by the Cullen family of vampires. In real life, it’s owned by Nike footwear designer John Hoke.

The Movie: Faint-inducing adaptation of Stephenie Meyers’ first Twilight novel, starring dreamboat Robert Pattinson as a twinkly good vampire who doesn’t eat people – unless they really deserve it. Which is why he refuses to – uh – eat Bella, who bites her lip a lot in response.

If We Lived There: We’d hire a CSI team to find all of R-Pattz fingerprints throughout the house, then frame them. We’re odd like that.

MTV: Does Robert Pattinson Think He’ll Win Best Kiss At The MTV Movie Awards

Here’s an interview with Robert Pattinson, found at

‘It’s kind of terrifying if you suddenly stop winning it,’ he says of winning with Kristen Stewart back-to-back years.

Robert Pattinson

The 2011 MTV Movie Awards are less than a month away, on Sunday, June 5, and “Twilight” hunk Robert Pattinson is hoping he and Kristen Stewart can once again take home the prize for Best Kiss.



“It’s kind of terrifying if you suddenly stop winning it. You’re like, ‘Oh God!’ ” Pattinson told MTV UK about his chances this year after winning at back-to-back shows.

This year, Stewart is not only nominated for kissing Pattinson in “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse,” but also onscreen romantic rival Taylor Lautner. “It’s almost worse than if you stop winning, like, acting awards or whatever,” Pattinson continued, sharing his disappointment at the idea of losing this year. “If you can’t kiss anymore, it’s like, ‘What? I’m still good at kissing!’ ”

The film is nominated seven other times, including for Best Movie, Best Female Performance, Best Male Performance, Best Breakout Star and Best Fight, so there’s a good chance that if Pattinson doesn’t take home the Golden Popcorn for Best Kiss, he won’t go home empty-handed.

The 2011 MTV Movie Awards will be hosted by actor/comedian Jason Sudeikis and will be broadcast live from the Gibson Amphitheatre in Universal City, California, on Sunday, June 5, at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.

Lupe Fiasco and Trey Songz are set to perform at the big show. Ryan Reynolds, Nicki Minaj, Selena Gomez, Jason Segel, Aziz Ansari and Steve Carell are presenting at the show, and more appearances will be announced soon.

Ashley Greene on Her Favorite ’80s Look, Makeup Musts, and How She Learned to Love Beauty

Here’s an interview with Ashley Greene, found at


You know Ashley Greene for her red carpet looks, her turns as Alice Cullen in theTwilight movie series, and—admit it, tabloid junkies—as Joe Jonas’s ex. This month, she gets her Farah Fawcett on in the indie drama Skateland set in the early 1980s, playing Michelle, a college-bound teenage mall employee with a crush on her longtime friend Ritchie, a slacker genius who works at a dying roller skating rink. We asked the actress about all things ’80s, high school beauty, and for her favorite products and tips.

Your character, Michelle, is a real music buff. Do you have a favorite ’80s song? “I don’t! I wasn’t very well-versed in ’80s music [until the movie], so it was a good thing that they gave us all a full iPod and introduced us to The Cure and Joy Division.”

Who do you think had the best retro look? “Farah Fawcett. Best ’80s hair. Definitely.”

You kind of have that feathered hair in the movie. “That’s who we were inspired by.”

You also rocked blue eye shadow. Would you do that in real life? “Probably not. But it was really fun to do stuff like that on film. You know what? Maybe I’d wear a different shade, a very sheer blue, one that’s not as intense.”

Are there any ’80s trends that you do love? “I like very bright, bright neon colors. I have a really amazing neon green clutch that adds a pop of color to an outfit. I’ll do some retro-inspired pieces, but never an ’80s ensemble.”

What’s a current trend that you wouldn’t wear? “Boyfriend jeans don’t look good on me, as much as I try to do it. They look good on Halle Berry, but everything looks good on Halle Berry. I’m also not a huge platforms girl.”

Any particular reason? “I like stilettos with platforms but the full-on platforms that are kind of coming back just remind me of when I was in 6th grade.”

What was your high school beauty look? “I don’t think I really had one. I know I wanted really thin, flat, straight hair. That was the big thing. Even though I didn’t know how to do it yet, I actually flattened my hair once with an iron. It was really bad. Not cute. And I went through a stage with dark lip liner.”

Brown? “Yeah, that was maybe 7th grade. I didn’t have a sense of my own personal style and self until I was much older.”

Have you picked up any makeup or hair tricks while working with the pros on movie sets? “Definitely. I mean, you’re sitting there for an hour watching them do your hair and makeup every day. And it’s so funny—when I started in this industry, everyone would always say, ‘Do you have any particular thing you like or don’t like?’ And I would always be like, ‘No, you can do whatever.’ But now I say, ‘Can I wear my brows like this? I don’t like my lashes this way.’ You learn what works for you. I think the best beauty tip I’ve learned is that eyebrows shape your face and thinner is not always better. That’s one thing I’d always do in high school—I’d try to have super-thin eyebrows. Now I’m always filling them in to make them a bit fuller.”

What beauty products are in your purse right now? “Mark Gloss Gorgeous Stay On Lip Stain—it’s not sticky and it’s not super-glossy. It leaves a bit of a stain, so you don’t have to worry about reapplying. Anything that’s low maintenance, I tend to like. I also have the Mark Light Bright Lighten & Depuff Eye Gel; I usually fly in on red eye flights, which I did last night. That stuff is magical.

Are you good at falling asleep on planes? “Oh yes, it’s like a talent. I should put that on my resume. The second we take off, I’m generally out.”

What’s your airplane beauty routine? Do you go bare-faced? “Yes, especially if it’s an all nighter or a long flight. For a shorter flight, maybe concealer and some mascara, if I want to look decent. Evian has a water spritzer I really like— that’s one of my biggest things, to stay hydrated, because traveling from place to place really messes up your skin.

MTV: Ashley Greene Likens ‘Twilight’ Finale To High School Graduation

Here’s an interview with Ashley Greene, found at

‘Working with Bill Condon makes it kind of the cherry on top,’ she says of ‘Breaking Dawn’ director.

Ashley Greene

Audiences saw a whole new side of Ashley Greene this weekend as her ’80s-set coming-of-age flick “Skateland” rolled into theaters. The 24-year-old actress will continue to keep busy during the latter part of 2011, with movies like “LOL,” co-starring Miley Cyrus, and “A Warrior’s Heart” slated for release. And then, of course, there’s “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1” hitting theaters November 18.

When we got on the phone a few months back to talk to Greene about “Skatetown,” she was in the midst of final shoots for the “Twilight Saga” finale and preparing to say goodbye to the cast she’s spent the last four years with.

“It’s fun to go to work every day, but it’s kind of bittersweet,” she said. “It’s sad, because I feel like it’s high school or something. We’ve been doing it for so long.”

Yet Greene considers it a boon to have worked with director Bill Condon on the final installments. “Working with Bill Condon makes it kind of the cherry on top, because he’s so excited and he’s incredible at what he does,” she enthused.

And, lest we forget, the two-part “Breaking Dawn” will roll out over the next couple of years, giving the cast plenty of opportunities to see each other, even as stars Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner continue to book high-profile projects.

“For two years, we’re going to have these movies coming out and press tours and all that stuff, and premieres. So the nice thing about that is that we know we are going to see each other over the next two years. It’s not as hard to finish out the franchise.”

No need for tearful goodbyes just yet, it seems.

Kellan Lutz on Breaking Dawn: “A Long Seven Months That Got Longer and Longer”

Here’s an interview with Kellan Lutz, found at

Kellan Lutz

No doubt Kellan Lutz is grateful for being a part of the Twilight franchise, but even he was a bit relieved when the two Breaking Dawn flicks finally wrapped.

Poor guy had a bad case of homesickness.

And who can blame him really?

We’ll let Mr. Lutz explain…

FACEBOOK: Have ya checked out Marc’s page yet?

“Honestly, it was a long seven months that got longer and longer,” he told me at Britney Spears‘ St. Bernard Project benefit. “That’s a long time being away from my home, my friends and my dogs.”

As Lutz fans know, his pooches mean everything to him. “I love my dogs,” he said. “And when you’re in Canada, it’s kind of tough to fly them in and out. Ashley [Greene] did it and that made it even harder for me not to have my dogs there.”

Immortals, Kellan Lutz

Next up for Lutz is the romantic comedy Love, Wedding, Marriage opposite Mandy Moore, but we have to say we’re most excited about Immortals, an action-packed Greek epic in which he plays Poseidon. “It’s probably my most favorite project,” he said.

And from what we can tell (and have been hearing from people who have seen early screenings, for that matter), the former Calvin Klein underwear model looks hotter than ever wearing, well, not much as the god of the sea.

And yes, it’s that Immortals flick—the one starring Superman-to-be, Henry Cavill. “He’s going to be the best Superman,” Lutz predicted. “He kills it in Immortals as Theseus, and he’s going to kill it as Superman.”

Exclusive Interview: Ashley Greene

Interview with Ashley Greene, found at

Ashley Greene takes a Twilight break to talk about her cool new 80s movie, Skateland.

Many, many Twilight movies ago (okay, not thatmany), Ashley Greene took a break before starting production on New Moon to make a kinda-indie, kinda-fun, maybe-a-little-depressing-at-times movie about a roller rink in the 80s, called Skateland. It’s a sweet movie with a ton of heart, and you’ll get to see Ashleyreally shine in it. We were so excited about the movie (which opens tomorrow, May 13), we had to sit her down to get her to spill on everything from life lessons to her co-stars, and of course,Breaking Dawn.

17: What’s the biggest thing you learned about yourself while making this movie?

AG: I think I learned that I will always keep learning about myself. I’m always changing. I still have the same morals and values and foundation of who I was, growing up in Jacksonville, FL, but I’m such a different person from who I was when I was 17. You live and you learn and you grow.

17: Do you have any advice for your 17-year-old self?

AG: It’s not the end of the world. Back then, everything felt like the end of the world. My parents knew nothing. Hah.

17: Speaking of the end, how do you feel about getting so close to the end of Twilight

AG: It’s bittersweet. It’s like high school. You’re excited to graduate, but at the same time, you’re going to miss your friends. But we know we haven’t seen the last of each other—we still have a couple of years with the press tours and premieres.

17: Your Skateland co-star Shiloh Fernandez was almost Edward Cullen. Did you guys ever talk about that?

AG: Yeah, we certainly had discussions about (Twilight director) Catherine Hardwicke. We both had the same opinion on her: she’s just fantastic. She’s wild and crazy and eccentric and very fun to work with.

Ashley Greene Talks Doing Own Stunts In ‘Breaking Dawn’!

Here’s an interview with Ashley Greene, found at

Breaking Dawn breaking dawn stills 05022011 041 280x396 Ashley Greene Talks Doing Own Stunts In Breaking Dawn!  alice cullen

The cast of “The Twilight Saga” is many things — young, exceedingly attractive, impressively talented — but are they stuntmen and women?

Apparently so, according to Ashley Greene.

When NextMovie sat down to discuss her upcoming film, “Skateland,” she confessed that she and the rest of gang — yep, Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner too — were ambitious when it came to doing their own daring battle tricks for “Breaking Dawn.”

“They’re working with special effects but actually our cast as a whole is pretty athletic,” she tells NextMovie exclusively. “Everyone really wants to be able to do their own stunts. We all worked really hard to do as much as production would possibly allow us do insurance-wise.

“A lot of what you see will actually be us doing it.”

She couldn’t go into further detail about what all that entailed, but we’re guessing it means she’ll be doing quite a bit of running, jumping and pouncing on members of the Volturi army. In other words, Bring. It. On.

“The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1” doesn’t hit theaters until Nov. 18, but you can see Ashley in “Skateland” this weekend.

Exclusive Q&A: ‘Twilight”s Ashley Greene Arrives in ‘Skateland’ (and Our Hearts)

Here’s another interview with Ashley Greene, found at

Ashley Greene

Being a Cullen certainly has its perks – fame, fortune, gorgeousness and an abundance of fabulous clothing, for starters.

But sometimes a sparkle vamp needs to shed her bloodlust and go back in time. For Ashley Greene, that time is now.

The erstwhile Alice takes on the 1980s in the new indie “Skateland,” where she plays Michelle, the lone lady in a group of guy friends. Although she’s the youngest, she eventually pushes them towards accepting adulthood and, in the case of her best friend (Shiloh Fernandez), accepting that she’s not just one of the guys.

In real life, Greene is equally as convincing that she’s more than just one of those “Twilight” kids.

Michelle is kind of the man with the plan in “Skateland” and everyone just seems to follow. Are you at all like that?
I’m definitely driven, strong-willed and have a general idea of what I want and I’m definitely willing to go get it. That was something that really drew me to the character because it’s not so often that you find a female character — especially surrounded by a mainly male-based cast — that is the leader in that sense that she does have her head on straight and she knows what she wants. She’s mature and kind of no-nonsense.

Ashley Greene & Shiloh Fernandez in "Skateland"

Have you ever been a “one of the guys” kind of girl like Michelle?
I grew up the tomboy. I was always going outside and climbing trees and playing football with my brother — I kind of wanted to be just like him. I think I’m kind of a guy’s girl — I like football and I’m not afraid to have a beer — but I also like my manicures.

What’s your favorite football team?
The Florida Gators… If I ever decided to go to college, that’s where I would have gone.

What would you have studied?
I was really into law and psychology… I went to a magnet school for law, sociology and psychology and I absolutely loved my law classes. I loved doing mock trials, which is essentially acting. You get up there and do the whole shebang with lawyers and judges. I realized I always loved performing and took a couple of acting classes.

In my mind, I was like, “That’s what I need to do. This is what I’m doing.” Everyone’s like, “You’re so brave that you did that,” and now, looking back, I guess it was but I think I was just a little bit naïve and very hard headed. It broke my parents’ hearts when I told them I didn’t want to go to college anymore but they were really cool with the whole thing.

I think if I had really thought about the competition and really thought about the thought of failure and all that stuff, I probably wouldn’t be where I am now.

Ashley Greene

In the movie, Michelle is really into music. Was that something you were able to relate to?
In general, I love music, all types of music. There ‘s not one specific kind — one day it’ll be hard rock, one day it’s country, one day it’s jazz or blues — so I do have an appreciation for music but I wasn’t really familiar with ’80s music. I think one of the smartest investments was the producers and director gave the main cast all iPods with tons and tons of ’80s music on it and stuff that was relatable to the film. They also gave me CD’s on top of it. Anytime I was in my trailer or at home, I would listen to it just so I would be familiar with it.

Was there anything that really stood out, that you really liked?
The Cure and Joy Division, which I really didn’t know about but I now do.

You’re a fashionable gal – how was stepping into some of that ’80s fashion?
The fashion was fun. It was definitely out of my box, because I’m more of a little black dress, classic type of girl. But it was really fun to do. I saw pictures of my mom and it was just the funniest thing because I looked exactly like her. It was uncanny, the hair, the makeup, the clothes. I completely embraced it though. When am I ever going to get away with wearing blue eye shadow and Farrah Fawcett hair and neon shirts and cut-off shorts? I had fun with it.

You have “Butter,” a comedy, and “Apparition,” a thriller, coming up – so different from each other, from “Skateland” and from “Twilight.” What can you tell us about them?
“Twilight” gave me an amazing stepping stool, something to jump off of, but I wanted people to be able to see something other than Alice Cullen. “Butter” was my first comedy and it was extremely nerve-racking. I was a lot out of my element but I went in 100 percent. I talked to Ty Burrell – I think he’s genius – and Jennifer [Garner] was super-sweet. Everyone was just very open, very willing to talk about anything they were doing. That was a really cool experience and it’s something I’m very proud of.

Ashley Greene and Sebastian Stan in "Apparition"

“Apparition” was my first studio lead, which is a very big deal. I was extremely nervous about that one too. I think the thing I was attracted to is that sometimes in thrillers, the girls aren’t the most proactive and aren’t the smartest, but one of the really big key points in the film is that we wanted Kelly, my character, to be really driven, very proactive and very smart… When you have to deal with a lot of special effects, it was a different realm, but emotionally, I went to a lot of different places I hadn’t been to yet. That is something I’m really excited for everyone to see.

Everyone is talking about “The Hunger Games” as the next big, “Twilight”-like thing. Have you read them?
I’ve definitely heard about it. I’m really interested to be able to have the time to read these books because I have a lot of friends who are really big fans of the franchise. I’m excited to see it come out, I’m excited for whomever gets to be in it, because it could hopefully, potentially be their “Twilight.”

Do you think it’s fair that people are already calling it the next “Twilight” or “Harry Potter?”
I think it’s unfair to the actors to put that much pressure on them. It’s exciting and hopefully it is. I think the only negative thing is that it has that pressure on it and I’m sure people want it to be its own entity and not compared to “Twilight” and “Harry Potter,” but I think that just means that they have very high expectations.