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This web page is a gallery of all the twilight saga photos and articles that I have collected. I had never really planned on creating a web page before, but after gaining so many photos I decided to do so. That’s why my webpage is behind with posting photos, but I figured I should start with Twilight photos first, since it’s the first book and movie. I’ll be posting photos in categories such as: movie stills, behind the scenes- on the set, promos, merchandise, misc., cast photo shoots, cast out and about, cast public appearances, and cast other projects, for each movie. But when I say cast photos, I don’t mean everyone. I only have photos of the cast members that play my favorite characters, which are:

Bella, Edward, Jacob, Alice, Jasper, Emmett, and Rosalie.

Updated Note:                  

Due to needing more storage space, I have decided to start another blog that will be concentrating more on the cast of the twilight saga movies. The link to the new blog can be found here:


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