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Another Amazing Fan-made Video!!

I found this video while searching through youtube, I just LOVE this video, it’s so touching, found at

Here’s the info on the video:

This is a lot like the “Breathe” video I did but every time I heard this song it just made me think of New Moon and I was bored so I decided to to it! Hope you guys like it 🙂

Song: “Last Kiss” by Taylor Swift

I don’t own anything! All rights to respected owners.


Breaking Dawn Clips at 2011 Comic Con

Here’s the two clips from comic con, found at



Official Breaking Dawn Teaser Trailer Preview and News for MTV Movie Awards 2011 !

Here’s some info on the teaser trailer for Breaking Dawn!!, found at

Here is the first official look at Breaking Dawn: Part 1 in motion, which is a teaser for the trailer that will be presented by Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards this Sunday!
Summit says–

Vampire and werewolf lovers everywhere can rejoice as MTV today announced that Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner are confirmed to present viewers with the very first look at footage from “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1” during the “2011 MTV Movie Awards.” This highly anticipated exclusive sneak peek marks the beginning of the end as fans worldwide prepare for the concluding chapters of Summit Entertainment’s global “Twilight Saga” phenomenon. In theaters November 18, 2011, “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1” is directed by Academy Award®-winner Bill Condon and is based on the pop culture literary juggernaut “Breaking Dawn” by Stephenie Meyer. Hosted by Jason Sudeikis, the “2011 MTV Movie Awards” will broadcast LIVE from the Gibson Amphitheatre in Universal City, CA on Sunday, June 5 at 9p.m./8p.m.C.

Read on to see the rest of the details!

Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner join previously announced presenters Chelsea Handler, Mila Kuni, Jason Bateman, Charlie Day, Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, Steve Carell, Emma Stone, Shia LaBeouf, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Josh Duhamel, Patrick Dempsey, Cameron Diaz, Jason Segel, Jesse Eisenberg, Aziz Ansari, Danny McBride, Nicki Minaj, Selena Gomez, Leighton Meester and Katie Cassidy are confirmed to present popcorn awards during this year’s telecast. In addition, the Foo Fighters will deliver one of their trademark epic performances as they debut their new single “Walk” from their seventh studio album Wasting Light. Also set to rip the stage is Grammy Award-winning hip-hop superstar Lupe Fiasco who will treat viewers to two singles off his hit album LASERS by joining with R&B sensation Trey Songz for their first-ever televised performance together of “Out of My Head” to be followed by Lupe’s platinum single “The Show Goes On.”

After “Twilight” and “The Twilight Saga: New Moon” each received five popcorn statues at the 2009 and 2010 “MTV Movie Awards,” fans voted tirelessly this year to ensure “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse” was included in the 2011 list of final nominated theatricals, with the movie receiving seven nominations in four categories.

The “2011 MTV Movie Awards” will turn fantasy into reality as the improbable materializes live before viewers’ eyes. The magic and wonder of movies will go from the big screen to the “Movie Awards” stage as the fantastical world of whimsical landscapes and larger-than-life, reality-defying moments that audiences love are celebrated. Sure to be a treat for the over-active imagination, this year’s ceremony will build upon the “Movie Awards” trademark individuality and status as Hollywood’s most outrageous live event to provide movie fans with an experience worthy of their favorite blockbusters from the past year.

Emmy® Award Winner Mark Burnett returns for the fifth year in a row to executive produce the “2011 MTV Movie Awards” in Los Angeles, where movie megastars will vie for the golden popcorn in award categories as only MTV could create them. The “2011 MTV Movie Awards” will be a dead heat as the blockbusters “Inception” and “The Social Network” give fan favorite film franchises “The Twilight Saga” and “Harry Potter” some serious competition that could make the night anyone’s to win. Winner voting at for the “2011 MTV Movie Awards” in 12 returning and all-new categories closes on Saturday, June 4. The “BEST MOVIE” category will remain an ongoing battle throughout the LIVE show.

The “2011 MTV Movie Awards” will be available to a potential viewing audience of more than 1.2 billion people via MTV’s global network of more than 60 channels reaching nearly 600 million households around the world as well as through syndication. In addition, its convergent programming & content will reach the entire interactive community, via MTV’s more than 200 digital media properties around the world.

Mark Burnett serves as Executive Producer for the “2011 MTV Movie Awards.” Audrey Morrissey is Executive Producer. Garrett English serves as Executive Producer and Executive In Charge for MTV. Jane Mun serves as Supervising Producer. For MTV, Wendy Plaut is the Celebrity Talent Executive and Amy Doyle and Joanna Bomberg serve as the Executives In Charge of Music and Talent.

Official sponsors of the 2011 MTV Movie Awards include adidas®, Chevrolet, SNICKERS® Brand, Sprint, Starbucks Coffee Company, State Farm®, Taco Bell® and TWIX®.


Here’s a gif/tumblr I found online for the mtv movie awards:

Taylor Lautner’s 10 Best MTV Quotes

Here’s an article on Taylor Lautner, found at

Taylor Lautner

Taylor Lautner has changed a lot since we first met him in April 2008 on the Portland, Oregon, set of “Twilight.” He’s gone from a skinny 16-year-old who not everyone believed would be able to convincingly portray jacked-up werewolf Jacob Black to a 19-year-old heartthrob who elicits screams from fans every time he doffs his shirt and who is set to become the highest-paid teen in Hollywood.

Not too bad, right? Yet as his body has transformed and his celebrity has exploded, Lautner has managed to stay the same person. That’s the unmistakable takeaway as we dive back into our archival interviews with the actor in the run-up to “MTV First: Taylor Lautner,” a 30-minute interview set for Wednesday on air and online. From back in ’08 up until this very day, Lautner has remained a funny, goofy, sometimes shy, always thankful kid.

With those thoughts in mind, check out our 10 favorite Lautner quotes from MTV News interviews and tell us if you can possibly disagree:

10. “I think they might startcrying.” — On the reaction tofans seeing him shirtless in “New Moon”

9. “It is a little awkward for me to watch myself and, actually, when we’re filming those scenes.” — On shooting those shirtless scenes

8. “One second I’ll be listening to country, and then the next I’ll be listening to techno and then R&B. It’s ridiculous. I am all over the place with my music.” — On his musical tastes

7. “It’s like the worst superhero power, possibly, to get, and how you’re going to take that and use it for good and how you’re going to be creative with that.” — On the abilities of Stretch Armstrong, a character he signed on to play last year

6. “It’s my favorite, because it’s the most guy-friendly by far. It’s dangerous. There’s a lot of action. The romance is still there, but the action level is stepped up way more.” — On why “Eclipse” is his favorite “Twilight” book

5. “The quote I love the most is Jacob’s quote: ‘Does my half being naked bother you?’ That quote just cracks me up. Because, you know, that’s when he’s shirtless, not wearing a top.” — On his favorite line in a “Twilight” book

4. “It gets kind of itchy.” — On his “Twilight” wig

3. “It caught me by surprise when I read the book. I think I originally heard it happened through somebody who had already read it — and I didn’t believe it. Then I read the book, and I was like, ‘You’ve got to be kidding me.’ ” — On his initial reaction to the book release of “Breaking Dawn”

2. “There’s a scene where I’m carrying [Kristen Stewart], and it’s also, like, four pages of dialogue. So I’m carrying her, and we’re walking through the woods, and I’m talking to her, and it’s a pretty intense talk. We actually had plans, a rig that was basically going to carry her, and I was just going to pretend that I was carrying her. We got there on the day, and the rig didn’t look very natural. They were like, ‘What are we going to do?’ and I’m like, ‘I’ll just carry her. She’s like, what, 110 pounds? It’s no big deal!’ ” — On filming an “Eclipse” scene with his co-star

1. “To growl. I’m asked that by a lot by fans, and I don’t like doing that. So, fans, please don’t ask me that. Wait for the movie.” — On his least-favorite question

Taylor Lautner’s Best MTV Moment #1 | Twilight Guide

Taylor Lautner’s Best MTV Moment #1 | Twilight Guide.

Watch the video at the link above, Enjoy!

Taylor Lautner’s Best MTV Moment #2 | Twilight Guide

Taylor Lautner’s Best MTV Moment #2 | Twilight Guide.

Check out the video at the link above! Enjoy!

Warning: Breaking Dawn Game Facebook Scam

Here’s an article and videos on a Breaking Dawn game scam on facebook, found at

Facebook users are finding themselves tagged in their online friends’ photo albums, in an attack seemingly targeted at fans of the “Twilight” teen vampire romance movies.

Following an attack against photo albums using an image of a Playboy-style bunny girl, scammers are now pretending to link to a game promoting the upcoming movie “Twilight Breaking Dawn” starring heart throbs Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart as the starcrossed lovers Edward Cullen and Bella Swan.

As well as Facebook photo albums, users are also being tricked into “Liking” the scam links.

Twilight Breaking Dawn message

Play Twilight: Breaking Dawn
Be the first of your friends to play the awesome new Twilight game on Facebook!

If you click on such a link then you will be taken to a Facebook page which to all intents and purposes appears to be promoting an online game, being used to market Twilight Breaking Dawn.

Twilight Breaking Dawn on Facebook

But if you click on the button marked “Play Now” then you will be clickjacked into saying you “Like” the link, thus spreading the link virally to your Facebook friends.

If you’re running a protection against clickjacking, such as Firefox add-onNoScript, then you will be warned – but most people are probably unaware that the page has secretly claimed that they like the game, even though no game has yet been played!

NoScript warning of clickjacking

The scam doesn’t end there, however, as that would simply spread the link without earning any money for the ne’er-do-wells behind it.

Users are then presented with a dialog, asking them to grant permission for a third party application to access their Facebook account, and post messages, updates and photos to their wall.

Rogue app requests permission

Of course, if you’re a fan of “Twilight” you will quite possibly grant permission without thinking. The only problem being that this isn’t a legitimate application request, but being done by a rogue app which wants to make money out of your devotion to the works of Stephenie Meyer’s series of novels.

Predictably, with the ability to now post to your Facebook account, the scammers now present the final piece of the jigsaw: an online survey which earns them affiliate commission for each person who completes the questionnaire.

Survey scam

You will note that the survey deliberately presents itself in a convincing Facebook style, which may trick some users into believing that it is legitimate.

It seems that fans of Twilight are only too easy pickings for Facebook scammers, judging by the large number of reports from affected Facebook users we are seeing today.

If you’ve been affected by this scam, you should clean up your account before any further damage is done.

I’ve made a YouTube video where I show you how to clean-up your Facebook account if you were hit by this, or similar scams on Facebook:

<object style=”height: 390px; width: 640px”><param name=”movie” value=”″><param name=”allowFullScreen” value=”true”><param name=”allowScriptAccess” value=”always”></object>

(Enjoy this video? You can check out more on the SophosLabs YouTube channel and subscribe if you like)

Make sure that you stay informed about the latest scams spreading fast across Facebook and other internet attacks. Join the Sophos Facebook page, where more than 70,000 people regularly share information on threats and discuss the latest security news.

You could also do a lot worse than check out our best practices for better privacy and security on Facebook guide

Taylor Lautner’s Best MTV Moment #3 | Twilight Guide

Taylor Lautner’s Best MTV Moment #3 | Twilight Guide.

Check it out at the link above, I was having issues getting the video here on my blog, Enjoy!

Kristen Stewart’s Style Evolve on the Red Carpet!

Here’s a video on Kristen Stewart’s style evolve on the red carpet found on youtube.

Abduction Trailer

Here’s Taylor Lautner’s newest movie, Abduction. The trailer looks really good, I definitely wanna go see it, how about you?