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Immortals Set Visit: The Interview with Kellan Lutz

Here’s an interview with Kellan Lutz, found at

Kellan Lutz – Poseidon

Q: Can you tell us about the casting process and why you wanted to be cast?
 I read the script of this a while ago and I loved it, fell in love with it. At first auditioned for Ares, which I loved… they liked what I did, but they viewed Ares as taller, skinnier and more youthful, so I was really bummed because they didn’t really release all the characters for this movie and then I was like, ‘Okay, how about young Zeus?’ But then they had rumored that Alex Skarsgård and his father were going to do young Zeus and older Zeus, so I was just really bummed. I wanted to play someone in this movie. I love mythology, grew up loving it. I’m a middle kid, big family, that’s the thing you did in the farm country. [Laughs] I lived in Iowa, I loved mythology. I don’t know, we’re like that. But I also love Poseidon and I’m a Pieces, March 15th is my birthday, I love to swim, I competed in swimming, I swim in my backyard as much as I can when I’m back home and again, I never saw the role of Poseidon in here. So then they called back saying that I couldn’t do young Zeus and then they offered me Poseidon and I’m like, “What? Where’s Poseidon? Yeah! For sure!”

Q: Do you see this movie as a step up for you or a challenge to get out of “The Twilight Saga”?
 I’m very blessed with “The Saga” because I am a character that, yeah, people ask why I don’t have as many lines as everyone else. Well, I can’t change the books so my character’s more of a presence. Even in “Eclipse,” I have more action and fighting scenes than I do dialogue. I can’t help that. I’m very fortunate and blessed that it still pushes my career up to the level where I’m not the face of the books, so I’m still, like floating, so the next thing I do, like the other independent movies I do and I’m very choosy with like “The Killing Game” is my own type of underground “Gladiator”/Jason Bourne type of movie. That’s what I want to do so being a part of these huge commercial movies like “Twilight” opens up doors so I can be the star of other movies and really show my acting chops, show and pick what I want to do as an actor kind of molded my career.

Q: With the very first “Twilight,” you knew sequel potential existed. Sometimes these big movies come out and they’re a success and then everyone scrambles to figure out how to make the sequel. Is there a sense of that on this set?
 This movie is different than any movie you guys will ever see because it’s not based on a book, it’s based on a really original idea, concept, mixing mythology, creating a story out of its own. It doesn’t have to follow any guidelines. That’s the beauty of it. What you’ll see in the beginning of this movie and what it transforms into as far as the story of Theseus and then what it ends on, kind of reflects back to the beginning and takes you on another journey of who might this new hero be. And then as you see with the epic battle with us Gods at the end, you guys are all here as we’re shooting – again, these are big movies and you always look to capitalize on sequels, third movies.

From day one when Tarsem showed us what he saw of each set, he built little models and I loved those 3D puzzles growing up… what he made with these models, I felt like a little boy again. I wanted to go play with my toys. And seeing these blown up, in here like we’re shooting with the Titan’s tomb, it’s so surreal again because it’s exactly how I saw it times ten and he can just create anything. And with the end of this movie it’s going to make you be like, ‘Wow, I just want to see where this next story goes.’